CrossFit Montreal is the first CrossFit Affiliate centre in Quebec, and continues to provide excellence and to be a reference for Crossfit in Quebec

Logbook (instructions further down)


  1. Create your profile
  2. Once your profile is created, click on your name on the left column

  3. Click on “Edit Account” at the bottom of the right column

  4. Click on the “Following” tab

  5. Type “CrossFit Montreal” in the search filter
  6. Click on following “option 1” or “option 2” or both

(If you are having a hard time creating your account, you can always send an email to and we’ll create an account and temporary password for you)

Message Board

You also have access to a message board to ask questions and ask information. Make sure you read the rules before posting.

About the WODTogether logbook

The WODTogether logbook is a free tool you can use to easily track you results and progress at CrossFit Montreal.

This tool is for everyone, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced and whether you do competition or not. It is therefore recommended that you start login your results as soon as possible for every workout you perform so we can quickly identify areas that need improvement.

Guidelines for the logbook

  1. Log your results for every workout you perform, not only for the ones for which you get a good result or the ones you perform RX. This will help you figure out your real progression.
  2. Be honest. If you haven’t done a workout RX or if you modified it halfway through or at the end, don’t put that you did it RX
    The choices are:
    RX+1= IF you did more than RX
    RX= If you performed the workout as written (prescribed)
    RX-1 à RX-4 : Scaled down (a little to a lot) (weight, distance,movement,etc)
  3. If you want to stay anonymous to people who are not on WODTogether, you can go into « edit account » and set your privacy to « Private user ». You can also just use your initials to appear on the whiteboard.