Fitness Center

CrossFit Montreal is the first CrossFit Affiliate centre in Quebec, and continues to provide excellence and to be a reference for Crossfit in Quebec


Please note the following:

  • You can do an Intro Class only if you have never done CrossFit before. Introduction classes are given at the times identified as “Intro Class” on the schedule. You cannot reserve your 2 intro classes online and absolutely need to contact us via phone or email to secure a spot in these classes.
  • After you have done your first intro class, you need to sign up for one of our membership in order to continue into the second intro class.

CrossFit is the main training program given at CrossFit Montreal. CrossFit was created by Greg and Lauren Glassman in the 1990's.

CrossFit is a training system that combines a variety of functional movements inspired by sports like olympic lifting, Gymnastic, Track and field, Strong man contests and more. We add intensity to these movements to create demanding workouts.

CrossFit is accessible to everyone regardless of age, gender or fitness level. At Crossfit Montreal, we are happy to welcome people who have never done any physical activity as much as accomplished athletes.

All new members have to go through 2 intro classes before they can join our regular classes to ensure proper understanding of movement mechanics and safety.

Group classes procedures

  1. Using your login in Mindbodyonline, reserve your spot for your chosen class before attending the gym
  2. When you arrive at CrossFit Montreal scan your member card at the Front Desk
  3. After changing to your workout clothes, go give your name to one of the coaches
  4. If you arrive before your class starts you can do mobility work in the open Gym area
  5. Explanation and demo of the two workout options will be done by one of the coaches
  6. Warm up will then be done as a group with your coach in a designated area
  7. The workout will then be done as a group in a designated area as well

You have the choice between two different workout options when you come to CrossFit Montreal. Both options are scalable for all levels.

Most of the time, we have 2 coaches per class in the evening. Each coach is assigned to the respective groups.

Anyone who wants to do something different than what is on the board can do his own training in the “Open gym” area.

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