Fitness Center

CrossFit Montreal is the first CrossFit Affiliate centre in Quebec, and continues to provide excellence and to be a reference for Crossfit in Quebec

Getting Started

CrossFit is the main training program given at CrossFit Montreal. CrossFit was created by Greg and Lauren Glassman in the 1990's.

CrossFit is a training system that combines a variety of functional movements inspired by sports like olympic lifting, Gymnastic, Track and field, Strong man contests and more. We add intensity to these movements to create demanding workouts.

CrossFit is accessible to everyone regardless of age, gender or fitness level. At Crossfit Montreal, we are happy to welcome people who have never done any physical activity as much as accomplished athletes.

When you come for your first class or intro class, a coach will teach you the mechanics of the movements that are part of one of the the workout of the day . You will then perform a scaled/ modified version of that workout. A coach will be specifically assigned to your small group (5 max) of new comers.

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